While visions of sugar plums danced in our head ………… December Barre


Welcome to December,

I’ve had this blog for a few years now and have gotten away from posting. My posts were all filled with  “Kelli inspiration” but I was never sure what its real purpose was. I am also not the most amazing writer. We all know our strengths. Dance YES – writing NO.

Dance is such a huge love of mine and in the last few years it has been a home base of sorts. Something I loved very much that was always there and never left me. A place to call home in many ways, I felt myself and got to be anything and everything I wanted to be. That special sweet spot that in many ways has all the ups and downs of any great love story.

A few years ago when I started teaching again I got online looking for some barre work ideas. I had not been taking classes, and  I was out of practice. I couldn’t find what I was looking for anywhere. So while creating barre for the month of December I decided to share. Ballet is such a gift to me and it is the time of giving.  In the last few years I have also gotten the opportunity to take classes in NYC, LA, Chicago and even here in Columbus, Ohio.  I know teachers everywhere. From people I danced with, past students who now teach, even through networking and traveling for Beautycounter. So I plan to share with all of you and perhaps have you jump on occasionally and share as well.

Teaching and choreography are a lot of work. So I hope that you find some great tips and tricks to share with your students. I plan to share barre work, playlist ideas,  ballerina wisdom and  inspiration. Please pass this on and forward to anyone you think would like to checkout this page. And if you were a follower before you will always see a that magic Kelli inspiration here and there.

Let us remember I am not and never was a professional dancer. So if you see a mistake or a count seems off – welcome to the world of Kelli McVay…… it will all be done with LOVE…..

Here is to an amazing December and I hope there are always sugar plums dancing in your head…

Love XXX Prima K

December Ballet Barre

Music – A Christmas Ballet Class Volume 1
Andrew Holdsworth Instrumental 2018


Plié – Track two
What If –Plies 1
Demi plié and straighten
Demi plié and straighten
Gran plié and straighten.
Cambre forward and cambre back and tendu second.
First- second-fourth- fifth with port de bra arms.

Tendus from fifth – Track three
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas?
Tendu demi pointe –1-2 full pointe close 3-4 demi close 5-6 and close 7-8
Tendu close slow 1-2 tendu close slow 3-4
Three quick tendus and 5 and 6 and 7 close 8
Tendu slow close plié 1-2-3-4 close slow plie 5-6-7-8
En croix

Degage/Jete from fifth – Track six
In Dulci Jubilo/Good King WenceslasDegage slow 1-2
Degage slow 3-4
Quick degage 5
Degage 6
Degage into fondu 7 -8
Start next side from fondu
En croix

Degage- Track 8Deck The Halls
Degage front – and 1
Degage front – and 2
Pas de cheval –and 3 and 4
En croix
Degage front –and 1
Degage front – and 2
Piqùe point – and 3
Piqùe point – and 4
En Croix

Frappé- Track seven
Stop the Cavalry
Strike front – and 1
Strike front – and 2
Step onto the right coupé left back- and 3 and 4
Strike left inside leg bk – and 5
Strike bk – and 6
Step left bk coupé front – and 7and 8

Double side – and 1
Double side- and 2
Double side- and 3
Double side – and 4
Passé touch front back -5 and 6
Plié fondu point side – 7 and 8

Relevés – Track twelve
Frosty the Snowman
In first facing the barre
Relevé – 1 -2
Relevé -3-4
Relevé -5-6
Relevé forced arched – 7 and 8
Then in second and fifth

Stretch at the barre –
Winter Song – Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles
Feet in fifth both hands on the floor
Plié and straighten
Plié and straighten
Lift leg up to arabesque to needle split
Hand on the barre tilt to arabesque
Plié relevé in arabesque
Grab foot and stretch forward
Stretch leg to second
Stretch leg back
Slide to split
Other side

Rond de jambe – Track 18
Coventry Carol/ Away in a Manger
Fondu tendu -1-2
Front side- 3-4
and back- 5-6
Hold 7-8
Fondu tendu bk -1-2
Rond de jambe to side -3-4
And front -5-6
Hold -7-8
6 Circles rond de jambe
Brush front fondu – 1-2 -3-4
Pass through passé déveolppé back 5-6-7-8
Repeat all enlàir
6 circles will change to 3 grand rond de jambe en làir

Batmas- Track 15
Campana Sobre Campana
Batma front – 1-2
Front -3-4
Front to fondu coupè batma close -5-6-7-8
En croix


Adagio – Track 20
We Three Kings
Beginning facing corner 1
Croisé devant – Using right leg
Fondu coupé développé low – straighten the supporting leg each time
Fondu coupé développé 90 degrees
Fondu couple develop extend as high as you can
Close 5th facing wall 2
Repeat all leg ala seconde
Close 5th facing corner 3
Repeat all écartè efface

Petit Allégro – Track 27
Santa Claus is coming to town
Glissade assemble right – and 1 and 2
Glissade assemble left- and 3 and 4
Jeté jeté- 5 and 6
pick up pas de bourree – 7 and 8
Chagma – 1
Chagma -2
Jump second beat front back – 3 and 4
Chagma- 5
Chagma – 6
Sou sou – and 7 and 8
Reverse start left

Across the floor

Pirouette turns – Track 22
Let It Snow
Tombe pas de bourree to fourth
Single hands on hips
Tombe pas de bourre to fourth
Double arms in second
Tombe pas de bouree to fourth
Triple turn hands on shouders

Piqué Turns – Track 25
Ding Dong Merrily on High
Piqué turn piqué turn-1-2-3-4
pickup turns ( passé –passé-passé-passé) -5 -6 -7 -8
Piqué turn piqué turn -1-2-3-4
Lame duck turn-5-6-7-8
Tombe pas de bourre fourth -1-2-3-4
double turn-5-6-7-8
Tombe pas de bourree fourth 1-2-3-4
triple turn-5-6-7-8

Grand Allegro – Track 31
Let It Go
Arabasque right foot facing corner 3
Step through left foot
Glissade esblay to diagonal corner 1
Out fourth inside turn
Arbasque to corner 1
Chasse and tour jeté
Chasse and tour jeté
Tombe pas de bourree leap to corner 1

Port De Bras/Rèvèrence – Track 34   Auld Lang Syne

All you… Your beautiful goodbye to your students until next time….


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