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Love is why some have not settled and why some are still searching. It’s the thing that spurs all that we do and are passionate about. We fill our day and our head with the things we love and they affect how we think,  what we feel, and how we react.


The things we love often affect our mood. You wake up and have time for your favorite coffee on the way to work. You have on an outfit you love, it makes you feel more confident and happy!  You are going to a job you love and are passionate about and because of that you work hard and grow and develop as a person.  The person you love says good morning and tells you to have an amazing day. When you love something or someone. It can make your day or sometimes break it.


Feeling love is easy: the butterflies, confidence and happiness. It is such an easy word to throw around, and sometimes when I hear it, I wonder if people really know what the word means. On the flip side if I think it and feel it, I want to say it because it’s one of the most powerful words.  And when you hear it and its real, it surrounds you, embraces you and makes you feel whole.


Little people aren’t afraid to tell you they love you. They often say it between hugs, squeezes, snuggles and passe kisses.  As we grow up we find our first love. We believe and are consumed by it. Our heart gets broken and what comes with love is revealed. Broken hearts, games, betrayal begin and we become jaded by the word. We are afraid to say it because we have a better understanding of what the words mean.

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It is time to find love again. Find it in your family, in your children, in your job, in your life and in a special someone. To do this you must find it in yourself. You can’t love anyone or anything if you don’t love who you are and what you stand for. When you love who you are, the rest will follow. Loving yourself makes loving others easier.


If you fill your day with love and find the passion in all that you do  success and happiness will follow.


Love you all ( real deal) K


Ps.  Does Tina Turner have the most fabulous legs or what!! Just sayin




  1. Winona says:

    Wow. Great message today. In order to find love elsewhere, you must love yourself first. Filling your day with love and finding passion in all that you do are great goals for every day we have here on earth. Thanks, Kelly, for reminding me of this on a difficult day. You rock.

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