What I learned at LEAD and What it means to be Fearless!

Since I started this blog I have gone through moments where I am not sure what I want to say or share. Do I even have anything to share? And then something hits me…. a moment, a thought, something stirs inside that needs out. I woke up at 2:00 am spinning. Really that is how this came to be Kelli’s Twirl. I have always had moments where my head spins faster than my body and mind can react. If only.. If only, I had the time, energy, strength and the mind to accomplish all my twirl. The thing is when I have the energy I GO and that is what I have learned this year. Stay consistent and push when I can… This weekend I am traveling for dance. I have had lots of exciting things happen that push my mind to dreaming of all the things I want to do accomplish and give to this world. I laid in bed until 4:00am and now I am in the hotel lobby listening to African tribal music, waiting for the Starbucks across the way to open. Writing to all of you…. Sharing my twirl….

In my professional life I am as lucky as they come. I have had a path that has led me to find my true passion of working with women and men across the country to help them build their businesses and reach goals they never thought they could. When you join a business like Beautycounter there are many things you know you will receive. An income, training, education, a chance to share a mission and be an advocate, and often finding an amazing group of friends. The thing you don’t know you will receive is a look inward and amazing personal development. You grow in ways you never knew or thought you would. A business like this pushes you out of your comfort zone and I always say if you are uncomfortable you are doing something right! A couple weeks ago we had our conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This year we focused on our leadership levels and wanted to help them push to become stronger leaders. Leading is hard, especially when you are unsure you want to be a leader, or what that evens means.

The conference was amazing. Congrats to my good friends Lauren Beck, Candice Sylvia and the production company Mills James ( and so many more) People left lifted, motivated and with lots of momentum. And so did I….. Not just in my work but in my personal life as well. So I wanted to share SOME of the things I learned at conference.

The theme this year was Fearless. I had never really thought of the power of that word until now. What does it mean to be fearless? Really I think we are all fearless every single day… It is fearless to wake up and go out into this world, to drive a car, to speak up in a meeting, to present something you worked hard on. It is fearless to have a baby, to be a parent, to send your child to school. It is fearless to go on the date, to say yes, to grow and love someone, and even fearless to let go. It is fearless to speak your truth, to be authentic, to be who you are really meant to be with all the light and dark that is attached to that. It is fearless to try a new dance class, a teacher, to choreograph, to share your soul and art, to step on to a stage. Really when are we not fearless? The mind is such a powerful thing, and it speaks to us always. (unless that’s just mine… and I have to say my voices are a little loud, or at least they were last night.) Yes our mind fills us with doubt. It makes us question what is right, what is wrong, if we can do something, how the world will receive the real us. Truly being fearless is pushing past the voice in your head and knowing in your soul, you should, you can and it is your truth to be you.

Last year I got the opportunity to work with Life and Business Coach Aaron King. One of the things we talked about was doing something I was scared of once a month. I did – I went on dates I didn’t want to go on, I jumped from an airplane. I tried new things. I did learn a lot about myself in those moments of doing something out of my comfort zone. Sure I learned …. I could be afraid, do it, survive and grow. I think at the time I was checking the box. Trying something new, being scared, box checked. What I failed to see in those moments was to go after the being scared and uncomfortable as many times a day as possible. Why not? Who freaking cares? Will the hot guy at the grocery store remember or care I asked him out? Will anyone remember if I go in the middle of the hip hop circle and bust it out. ( ok yes bad example for me:)) Do it, go after it, be fearless, be scared, but just be you and go after the big things!

When that voice of self doubt trickles in like every five seconds……………….. Or at 2:00 am. Speak louder, go for a run, call a great friend, send a message, listen to a podcast, read a book, listen to your power song, write, share, be scared and dance anyway.

You know if you aren’t scared of your dreams they probably aren’t big enough… Love Kelli

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