What a Feeling….. February Playlist

Music is my love language. I feed off of it, it lifts me, it sits with me in sorrow and it’s one of my very favorite gifts to give someone. Back in the day a mix tape from a friend or a boyfriend gave me all the smiles. Playlists are those current mixtapes and here is mine to you for February.

When I started this post my first thought was to skip the instrumental piano and just keep it to songs I know people will love. But I started thinking of my favorites and no good Kelli playlist would be without some amazing movie soundtracks. Music moves you in those movies, and the composers behind those great scenes are genius. So I hope that you listen, you appreciate and your heart gets twisted into knots…

Love with all the Listens… Happy Valentines Day K


Music with Lyrics

  • Flash Dance – Yael Naim
  • Fools – Lauren Aquilina
  • Heart of Blue -Shannon Saunders
  • Yellow – Emmit Fenn
  • Hide and Seek – Imogen Heap
  • Keep Breathing – Ingrid Michaelson
  • Rivers – Altman Brown
  • Take Me Home – Jack Savoretti
  • Fall At Your Feet -Saint Raymond
  • Let Her Go – Jasmine Thompson

Instrumental Some of my very Favorites!

  • Dreams and The Music Box – Klaus Badelt – Leap soundtrack
  • Look Closely – Hans Zimmerman Rubert Gregson-Williams – Winters Tale soundtrack
  • Main Titles – David Snell, John Lenehan & Orchestra – Cider House Rules
  • Cora – Randy Eldelman – Last of the Mohicans
  • The Kiss – Trevor Jones – Last of the Mohicans
  • That Next Place – Thomas Newman – Meet Joe Black

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