We still love to dance – Ballet Barre for February

February Barre 2021 Beautiful Ballet Class Music by Christopher Hobson

Hello sweet ballerina friends, I hope you’re staying warm, staying healthy and still dancing. I posted a quick interview with Elaine Spielberg who teaches for BalletMet. I love a good AHA moment and had one as we talked. She mentioned the end of the dance year is the most important. I had always thought the beginning of the year is crucial. New classes, finding your place, learning choreography and getting back in shape. Elaine mentioned people are really watching and evaluating you on the last few months of a dance season. Have you stayed focused, did you develop and grow and where do you belong next year. I had not thought of it that way before, even as a teacher. The dark winter days can make us tired and we aren’t fighting for a place in choreography. Thing bigger and think ahead. Work hard now to show where you want to be in your future dance season. We still love dance, were still here, even when it’s cold outside…

Ballet Barre for February – Love Kelli

Plies​- Track 3/ Game of Thrones
Left hand on barre, starting feet in first, demi plié with arm first, demi plié with arm high fifth, grande plié arm low fifth, cambré forward and back. Repeat second with a cambré towards the barre and away. Repeat in fourth stretch forward and back. Repeat fifth with a grande port de bras. Sou sou, repeat on the other side.

Tendu​- Track 5/ Broadway Baby
Left hand on barre, feet in fifth, tendu right foot front slow, close, tendu right front, tempslié through fourth close left back, three quick tendus back with left foot, then one slow. Reverse everything starting with slow back left tendu, close, tendu left back, temps lié through fourth close right front, three quick tendus front with right foot, then one slow. Three quick side, passé, three quick side, passé hold. Repeat on other side.

Dégagé​- Track 6/ You Could Drive a Person Crazy
Facing barre, three right dégagé side closing first, one closing fifth, pas de bourrée to fifth, two changement. Repeat other side starting with three left dégagé closing first, one closing fifth, pas de bourrée, two changement. Two échappé changes, then two échapeé jumps with a beat in air before closing, repeat échappe changes and jumps, then reverse everything.

Frappé​- Track 8/ I Don’t Like Mondays
Left hand on barre, three front on right, temps lié through fourth to left back coupé, threeback left, temps lié through fourth to right front coupé. Four double sides, then double front, double side, double back, double side. Reverse everything, then petit battement in coupé, then passé. Repeat other side.

Stretch​- Track 14/ La Valse D’amelie

Ronde de Jambe​- Track 7/ Once Upon a December
Left hand on barre, four en dehors, four en dehors with port de bras arms. One granderond de jambe en l’air with a fondued left leg, then one grande rond de jambe en l’air with a straight supporting leg. Brush leg front, développé back, carry side, circle in to passé, circle in to passé, double circle, extend and hold. Reverse.

Fondue​- Track 9/ Empty Chairs
Left hand on barre, plié fondue right leg front, pull to passé, extend front relevé, carryside, circle in to passé, circle in to passé, close. Repeat on croix.

Grande battement​- Track 13/ Delilah
Left hand on barre, from fifth, three front, swing back, swing front, close, four side, threeback, swing front, swing back, close, four side. Repeat other side.

Tendu in center​- Track 17/ Left Bank Two
Facing corner, right foot front in fifth, two tendu front, two tendu back on left, two side facing front on right, then left, then right foot, front, side, back side, pas de bourrée, sou sou to face other corner, repeat other side.

Jumps​- Track 20/ Get Happy
Three jumps in first, then jump on right, coupe left, step left, assemblé back, reverse.

Petit allegro​- Track 24/ Practically Perfect
Glissade, assemblé, sissonne front, sissonne back, jump second, beat change, two changement, reverse.

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