The Month of Luck – March Barre

It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. – Great Expectations

Hello March – The month of the unexpected, in all things, weather, what spring holds, what this year is turning out to be. It is that transition month from cold hibernation -plotting and planning to putting lots of things in motion. It’s also competition, convention and audition season. All the hard work you have put in in ballet, it is time to use. March is the month of luck, but all those things I just mentioned do not need luck. You will do well because you worked hard, were driven, focused and had the mindset to push just a little bit harder. Remember the work you have put in as you begin to perform, continue to push yourself in endurance, strength and flexibility. March is the time to bloom…..

Merde – Kelli

Tendu Pliés - Tendu Pliés Track 1
Tendu Front 1,2,3,4 slide close Plié  5,6, close 7,8
Tendu Front Plié, 1,2,3,4  Front ron de jambe side plié 5,6, close 7,8
En Croix 
Pliés - Grand Plié Track 2
Demi plié 1,2,3 - 2,2,3 Demi plié 3,2,3 -4,2,3  Grand plié 5.2.3- 6,2,3, 7,2,3-8,2,3
port de bras 1,2,3-2,2,3-3,2,3-4,2,3-5,2,3-6,2,3 Tendu to second 7,2,3 -8,2,3
1st -2nd -4th and fifth - port de bras arms
Tendu - Tendus Battement Track 3
Tendu and 1 and 2 
Pull in coupé extend 3 and 4 
Tendu 5 close 6 
pique 7 and 8 en croix
Dégagé- Petit Battement Track 9
Front, front 1 and 2 
pique, pique close- 3 and 4
Pique front and side and back Close - 5,6,7, and 8
Reverse all
2 each direction 
8 to side and close 
Frappé- Frappés Battement Track 6
Front, Side, Back, Side - 1, 2, 3, and 4 
Double front and 5  Double side and 6 Double Back and 7 Double Side and 8
Petit battements -1,2,3,4 around ankles and at the knee 5,6,7,8
Relevés - Sautés Center I Track 15
First 16 
Second 16 
Coupe Right 16
Couple Left 16
Ronds de Jambe - Track 4 
Plié front 1,2,3 
side  2,2,3 and back- 3,2,3
Circle two times 4,2,3-5,2,3
Grand Ronde Jambe en l àir- 6,2,3 7,2,3- 8,2,3
Reverse all 
Circle front no fondu 1,2,3  side 2,2,3  back slow 3,2,3
4 circles 4.2.3-5,2,3-6,2,3,7,2,3, 8,2,3 
Front développé1,23-2,2,3-3,2,3 back développé 4,2,3-5,2,3-6,2,3hold and back 7,2,3 8
Développés - Track 8
Front 1,2,3-2,2,3-3,2,3-4,2,3-5,2,3-6,2,3-7,2,3-8
 En Croix
Second time foutee to the barre
Relevé down, relevé and down 
Grab foot stretch front, side and back  slide split 
Other side
Leg Lifts - Strength Training - Track 11
Tendu Front and lift 8x
En Croix
Grand Battements - Track 14
Side and Side 
Tendus in center - Track 13
Croisé Devant Tendu 2x front 1,2,3,4
2x Back 5,6,7,8
Écarté side side 1,2,3,4 turn front 5,6,7,8
Face the front 
Tendu Al Quatriéme 4x back 1,2,3,4
Tendu Al Quatriéme 4X front 5,6,7,8
Reverse all facing corner 3
Sautés in Center - Sautés II Track 16
Jump first, first, first, coupe 1,2,3,4
Jump first, first, first, coupe left 5,6,7,8
Jump Second beat change 1 and 2
Jump Second beat change 3 and 4 
Sou Sou plie repeat 5 and 6 hold 7 and 8
Pique turns - Sautés Center IV Track 22
Pique, pique, pique double 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Tombé pas de bourrée double turn 1,2,3,4 double is on 5,6,7,8
Grand Allegro - Grand Sauté Track 21 
Arabasque hop, Coupe hop
Waltz turn, Waltz turn inside turn down 
Arabasque chassé to corner 4 tour jeté 
Chassé leap 
Reverence - Track 23 

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