The Gift

So they say if you figure out what your gift is and you learn to share it with the world you will never work a day in your life. Dance never felt like a gift, it felt like an everyday part of me. Sometimes even a chore, but it was something I excelled at and it came easy to me where school did not. Just a few years ago I created a little dance to give as a gift. It felt like a piece of me that I could give away. An original piece of artwork created with my body- heart- soul that told a story and had no monetary value. A gift wrapped in a different type of bow, a bow of love, expression, heart string movements to notes. It was the first time I danced as a gift. 

Funny that it took me this far in life to see that dance is a gift and a gift to be given. I remember a friend saying once, do you understand not everyone can tell their body to move and do what you do. Not everyone can hear the music, or more importantly feel the music as an extension of themselves. 

As a teacher there are two reasons I feel like I should talk about this. One- I am getting older sad but true. When I look back at what I could do, what my body would do for me I am shocked. You get older, your body changes and you just physically can’t be or do what you did. And you miss it! You can’t force your body to be what it isn’t meant to be. So you recognize what a gift it has been, and for me you learn to work your body differently.

Second I talk to dancers multiple times a week, including my beautiful daughter that have no idea the gift they have been given. They take it for granted. They don’t work their gift because they are tired, too busy, have too many social things to do. They even get frustrated because they think they aren’t where they should be or don’t see their amazing ability. They let it go…

So as we move into 2019 I want you to reevaluate what this gift means to you. Why do you love it? What does it give to you? What does your gift give to others? What can you do to appreciate having dance in your life and how do you show those around you the value it brings. This year when you dance give it as a gift every single time. At the barre, when you stretch, across the floor, when you are dancing in the classroom and when you are on stage.

A gift to yourself… Use it to let go, to bring joy, to bring focus and discipline, to celebrate you. To learn about yourself physically and mentally.

A gift to your teachers …. Give your beauty, technique, strength and grace to your teachers. Bring their choreography to life. Make their vision reality. Show them through your movements you care.

A gift to every person that gets to watch you perform. Bring the music to life for your audience and tell the story. Share how you feel, what you think, where you have been, the dreams of where you are going, how much you hurt and how much you love. Do it through dance! You have this ability, while others do not. Give this gift because you can. Bring joy, bring smiles, bring the bounce, bring heartache, bring fears, bring dreams and bring tears. This is the gift you have been given and are meant to give.

This year dance different. Don’t wait to learn your gift and give your heart away as long as I did. Share and love now… There is never a moment or a movement to wait.

Love you so K 

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