The Five things I learned this weekend…..

Sunday evening, and getting home from an amazing weekend at the Tremaine convention in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been going since high school, which is amazing but also makes me feel very old. Looking at glass half full I should take joy in the fact that I am still in the dance space. I LOVE supporting up and comers who are KiCKING some Tail ….

Here are the five things I was reminded of at Tremaine this weekend!

  1. Be Confident – WOW as an observer – confidence is everything! Dancers who showed up and owned the room had a huge advantage over the kids who were trying to decide if they were good enough. It is a game changer. I wish you all felt it, owned it and let go of all doubt! It will be the thing that makes or breaks you!
  2. Be Yourself – Derrick Schrader’s class was my favorite. I am sure if you take from me this will not be the last we talk about him! OBSESSED…. I have said a million times “Just because it is in style, doesn’t mean I should be wearing it! ” Derrick’s class demonstrated just that. Dance your strengths, don’t worry about your weaknesses. The amazing guy who killed that combination was not technical, he wasn’t flexible, he didn’t have amazing turns but he owned the combination, he made me watch him, he commanded my attention, I am still thinking about him! He didn’t question himself, he didn’t try to be something he wasn’t, he owned the dancer he was. Find yourself, know yourself, know your strengths so well it is easy to dance as the person and dancer you are meant to be.
  3. Be True to the Choreographer – I talk about how everything in life, work and dance is a healthy balance. As much as I want you to very much be yourself and own your space, you also need to very quickly have an understanding of the choreographer. Their style, their mind, the ins and outs of the musicality and what they are looking for. Now the tricky part is knowing all of this, becoming this, dancing this while still being TRUE to who you are. Teachers want you to make their visions come alive. You have to understand what they are after. Listen to everything they say, watch for the detail, every move glance and breath. Become what they are looking for while still being you.
  4. Be Humble -Dance competition and conventions give such a competitive edge. It is actually something I thrive off of and I think made me a better dancer. Some people get anxious and cave to the pressure and some develop from it. These moments give a time to spotlight people, acknowledge people and reward people. Does this mean if you were not highlighted you suck. NO – It actually means there are a 200 people in the room and you were not killing it enough to grab their attention. But what if you did get picked! YAY – YES have your moment of celebration quietly – in your mind! LOL Be Humble. There is a time to celebrate, with your family and friends but make sure you are not gloating and celebrating in front of the people that just got their hearts, dreams and futures crushed. Be KIND and respectful. People remember how you act and treat them in that moment. The person that got cut could be a future judge, choreographer or director on a future job! You never know and it just is the right thing to do!
  5. Take care of yourself – You know I don’t even want to type this bullet. You also are aware if you know me that I need to drink more water. That being said as a dancer your body is your instrument. Dancers are rough on their bodies. Water, healthy food, sleep, massages, stretching are key to keeping your body moving. Our bodies know more than we do and when it is done- it will STOP. Something will happen that makes you rest, makes you drink water, and makes you eat. As a dancer timing and your body are everything. Do not get yourself in place where your body decides for you and ruins an audition a performance or a minute of dance. Take care of yourself by sleeping, eating and staying hydrated not only on a weekend like this but always!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your world, for watching you live and breathe dance. Please share what you learned this weekend by adding a comment!….. LOVE ALWAYS K

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