November Ballerina Barre

Ballet Music for Barre and Center Floor (6000) by David Howard 

When I was young I remember adults saying it’s all about “who you know”. I always felt annoyed because I felt that my hard work and drive would get me to all the places I was going. And of course those things helped but it’s true that the relationships you create in the world will take you farther than anything else. You learn more, your circle opens up, people do want to help each other in so many ways.

The dance community is a family. A network of people who breathe and thrive off of the same things. A passionate, spontaneous group whose creativity spreads beyond the walls of a classroom into stages, videos, social media. movies, into hearts. The things I have learned is to give, deposit, share and if you do it will come back. It might not come back today. or tomorrow but one day if you are genuine and give you will receive.

And so for ballet teachers everywhere…. On zoom, in your room, in a classroom, on a patio or for a class, here is November barre. Simple, easy… Use as you please…

To my network of amazing people…

Love you K

Pliés- Track 1/ Greensleves

            Facing barre, first position, demi plié, grande plié, stretch over right, then left.

            Second position, demi plié, grande plié, stretch back right, then left.

            Left hand on barre, fourth position, two demi pliés, one grande plié, stretch forward and lunge back

            Fifth position, two demi pliés, one grande plié, grande port de bras

Tendus- Track 3/ Sweet Old Fashioned Girl

            Left hand on barre, from fifth, tendu, close, tendu, plié, tendu close, then 4 quick, en croix

            Tag- tendu, coupé fondue, tendu, rond de jambe second, en croix, coupé balance

Dégagé- Track 5/ Sonata in B-Flat

            From fifth, two dégagé front, three quick side, two quick front, one quick side, passé, reverse back, two times through, balance passé

Élevés- Track 19/ Meinster Singer

Frappé- Track 7/ Jenny

            Two front, four quick side, two back, alternating front and back four times in coupé, double front, double side, double back, double side, hold, then reverse

Rond de jambe- Track 6/ Hilili Hi Lo

            Fondu rond de jambe en dehors, tendu side arm diagonal, 4 circles, reverse.

            Brush leg up front, brush through first to arabesque, carry side, close fifth

Fondu- Track 8/ Mazurka a Minor

            Fondu front low, ninety degrees, then high, plié supporting leg, close, en croix

Battement- Track 12/ Hot Voodoo

            16 en croix

Petit Allegro- Track 10/ Lady in Red

            Jeté, jeté, jeté, assemblé over, sissonne front, sissonne back, sissonne side, pas de bourrée, two pas de chats, assemblé, beat change, changement, reverse.

Allegro- Track 22/ Clavalities

            Piqué arabesque, piqué attitude, change arms, relevé arabesque, run run grande jeté

Across the floor- Track 23/ Swan Lake (Allegro No. 4)

            Jeté, jeté, pas de bourrée, pirouette turn, to the right, then reverse

Jumps- Track 21/ Sweet & Low Down

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