Not throwing away my shot

Anyone that knows me knows how moved I am by music. All music inspires me, pushes me to be better and moves my heart in many ways. Live music is even better and if you can put me in a theater my heart will soar.

I have been wanting to see Hamilton and in true Kelli fashion, I decided to change my want in to making It happen. It was everything I wanted it to be and more. It had my attention the whole time, which is tricky. Of course there were a million reasons why I loved the story, lyrics and music. There were so  many parallels and underlying themes I could relate to. One spoke to me in a way I felt I had to write about it.

I have been lucky enough that my career journey has led me down a path of building incredible relationships, growing as a person, partnering and inspiring people along the way. Six months ago a job opportunity came my way. They say when you aren’t looking is when the best things come to you. It was everything I had loved about my previous jobs. Training, events, growing, coaching, partnering, educating and empowering woman to be the best of they could be.  I love to help people change their dreams into goals and accomplishments.  The job was at a company called Beautycounter. Their mission is safe beauty and high performing products in the hands of everyone. Helping woman not compromise their safety and health to be beautiful. Beyond the selling of the products, they push for change towards a better world. I always told everyone I wanted to change the world. This company and this mission will change the world.

As I sat there listening to the words and songs of Hamilton I thought of Beautycounter.  They are “young, scrappy and hungry.” Not quite a startup any longer but still growing so quickly. We are young and oh boy are we hungry. From the workers in HQ who know what their partnership and support means to the field to the innovators coming up with amazing products and testing them to meet our standards (we refuse to use 1500 toxic chemicals). But most importantly the woman who believe in the compay and have launched their own businesses. Who are educating, sharing our amazing products and helping others find their journey with Beautycounter.

Young, scrappy and hungry but a “diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal. Tryin to reach my goal, my power of speech.” We are a diamond and oh how we are beginning to be noticed by so many. Every day someone new reaches out wanting to work with us. From our Target partnership, to being mentioned on Good Morning America, we have it going on in so many ways. Using our power of speech to pass along this mission and add voices to the cause of fighting for safe beauty.

“We aren’t throwing away our shot.” We know what it means to join this company today and to be a voice of change. Every Social, client, member, every person that decides to launch this business joins us in making history and changing the future of our children, so much like the founders that fought for this country. Leading change is never easy, it is hard work, determination, perseverance but that means it is “time to rise up.” It will take the best savvy woman out there. I know we have them and I know we will continue to be joined by so many more.

And “Tomorrow there will be more of us”.

If you haven’t, take the time to listen to a few songs from Hamilton. My favorites being…..

“My Shot”


“Wait for it”

“That would be enough”.

Of course if you can go- do it! I would love a an invite and I will be there with you to take it all in.

More importantly if you have not checked out Beautycounter you very much should. “History has its eyes on you” Just like Hamilton and the revolution we are being watched. We are the voice of the future and we have the most amazing products that go along with this incredible mission.


“I am the one thing in life I can control, I am inimitable, I am an original. I am not falling behind or running late.”

From my song to yours… Love Kelli


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