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So if you know me you know I always have ten million thoughts running through my head. If you don’t know me, very soon you will learn I always have ten million thoughts running through my head. I had all sorts of ideas for posts, and things I wanted to talk about. But I suddenly got stuck on time. When is the right time for my first post. Today I’m thinking about a certain topic and that’s not right for a first post. The next day excited to launch my new social sharing and talking platform something made me sad. You certainly can’t write your first post and feel sad! When is the right time?

And then I started thinking about time, how it pushes us ahead when we aren’t ready or how it holds us paralyzed unable to move forward. I also thought about how the greatest things happen to us in life are out of our control and we do not choose the time. Birth, falling in love, falling out of love, losing someone, and the end of our life. We work to choose paths, build relationships but often our journey and timing for life’s moments are out of our hands. We find our way, change direction adjust our sails.

There are also the moments and times we control. You have the goal or dream to finish college, lose ten pounds or climb a mountain. Only you can make that happen and everyday you think about it and do not move forward is a day wasted. It becomes easy to believe it is not the right time or your moment. Our time is limited for a reason so do it today! Today is the day you read a new book, you find a new job or you meet a new person who could be the love you have been searching for. Your next adventure is waiting and only you are holding yourself back. Write  down the five things you are missing, wanting and dreaming of. Post it where you can see it. Now is the hard part- it’s time to do it!

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousandphoto 2

Six Hundred Minutes

How Do You Measure – Measure A Year?

In Daylights – In Sunsets

In Midnights – In Cups Of Coffee

In Inches – In Miles

In Laughter – In strife


They are your minutes and moments. There are two days you have no control over yesterday and tomorrow. Take today and make it count. It is your time, go be and become who you always wanted!


Love K

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