Michael Cusumano –

“As true as possible, as honest as possible and as kind as possible. If it takes me places great.”

How lucky am I to have an amazing friend in Michael Cusumano. Michael began dancing at age six and was in American Ballet Theater by age fifteen. After spending years in ABT he took a chance at Broadway where he landed jobs in Chicago and All Shook Up. Many fun cameo appearances and then fell into teaching. He now is a full-time teacher at Pace University, Broadway Dance Studio and travels. A performer at heart, he still dances, shares his better half in a very fun comedic way and aspires to make people happy and hear them laugh.

I first had the chance to meet Michael at Broadway Dance Center in NYC. I loved the way he taught with love, carried himself, and his fun personality. Since he has ventured to Ohio a few times to teach the students I work with at Patty’s Dance Center. We became fast friends. I have loved watching him teach, watch his social media adventures and can honestly say we are ballet soul mates.

As we all know I love people. Love knowing their hearts, what makes them tick and why they do what they do. I have been wanting to combine my love of dance with my passion for people with some fun interviews to share with all of you. What better way to start then with Michael! Our only flaw in this interview is we could talk and share for days. So you may need to listen in bite size nuggets.

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In this interview you will learn…

  • A little about Michael
  • Dancing in a ballet company
  • Process of auditioning and hearing no
  • A touch of Broadway
  • Teaching ballet and Cusumano philosophy
  • Finding your true self and listening to your gut
  • Dancing through the pandemic
  • A touch of Self Love

Follow Michael Cusumano on Instagram at mikeycusumano and can also be found sharing ballet as madameolgav .

With lots of Ballet love … Love Kelli and Michael

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