Meet your people, know your people, love your people….

Wow this week has been amazing and I have had the opportunity to jump into a new job and learn new things. I love learning, growing antd experiencing new things!image

I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by the best of the best in the direct selling business for 13 years and I have to admit I was a bit nervous to venture out and make new friends and coworkers. Longaberger is and always will be an important part of my life and extended family that I love and cherish! But this week I also met amazing woman, who I am so excited to learn and be inspired by.image

This week was about meeting the people in my new company of Avon. I love meeting people and learning all about their lives and what makes them tick. What I learned is we are the same in sooo many ways! Mothers, Sisters, friends and grandmas. Full time job, or part time job… or perhaps a hobbyist. We also have the habit supporter who let you know they don’t make a dime because they loves the products. I met someone who has sold for thirty years, and someone who just starting her new career and has big plans. I met grandchildren, husbands and sisters and friends who are all cheerleaders of that person’s business. I met a top leader who earned a trip to Hollywood and is so excited, and of course taking her downline. ¬†People in direct selling are also multi-taskers! I met a representative getting ready to recruit a new person. Of course this was on her way to her cake decorating class and she met this person¬†in her photography class… Love it!image

Avon is big about talking to every person they come in contact with. I was amazed about how many people not only listened or signed up, but needed to sign up. The cute waitress who said her friends sell and she does need extra money, the husband and wife team who are planning to paysome bills, the Arby’s worker who doesn’t adore her job or even the gorgeous front desk girl at my hotel. You really just never know unless you ask. And I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I am convinced that those people’s lives will be better because someone asked!

I have learned so much in just one short week! I cannot wait to learn more about my new friends! To help them grow, reach their dreams and succeed! I know I too will grow, reach my dreams and succeed with all of their help and support.

I have always known I love people. I am fascinated by them! How they work, what drives them, how they love and what makes them the individuals they are. So this week, my nerves have been put to rest. It is all about the people… I have met them, I am learning to know them, and I know in my heart that I will most certainly love them !

imageLove you so much! K



  1. Barbara Cwiklinski says:

    Kelli My sister has been with Avon for years. And I of course is a good customer!!!!! Where are you located. WOW!

    Good Luck!

  2. Heather Fout says:

    Kelli~ My grandma Frances was the Avon lady for years! I have many memories of going door to door with her on her route and meeting people. She always had samples and I would sit for HOURS and play with her make up in her room. I can smell their powder and Skin So Soft a mile away! My step mom also has an Avon lady named Sue. I have always LOVED her! She has been coming to Kathy’s house every month for as long as I can ever remember. I LOVE AVON simply because of these two women! I wish you so much success!

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