Make them feel special!

imageFor those of you that know me, you know my most favorite thing in the world is people. I have the privilege of working with 500 woman everyday in my District. I get to know them, learn about their families, learn what hardships they have had in their lives, their struggles  and what brought them to Avon. In doing this I learn myself, about life, relationships, friendships, sales,  and the good and the bad of the world. Last week I was talking to one of my representatives Gay Burke on the phone. We talked about a new customers she was getting, her family, life losses, the incoming snow storm, and the Shrimp fettuccini she was making. (still waiting for a dinner invite  Gay!) During the conversation we were talking about why her sales are outstanding, and how successful she has been through the years. It came down to one thing! People want to feel special! Gay  said when she comes to pick up orders it is more about the five or ten minutes she is there talking to them, than the order itself. She knows them, she knows their family, she knows  what they like and they don’t. They look forward to the time they get to spend with Gay when she comes to see them. She talked about the Christmas cards she gets, thank you cards and even wedding invitations. It is a friendship, a bond and it makes them feel special.image

This is true with the District Super Seller Shirley Stout as well. I have spent many days with Shirley. She knows her customers and will even preorder products she knows they will love! When she comes to collect their order she also shows them the product that she bought with them in mind. This does two things! One gives her additional sales, and it also makes that person feel special. How special do you feel when someone says I saw this and it  made me think of you! You can do this with any direct selling book or catalog also. Flip through the book, mark a page, or add a post it note to the page that makes you think of the customer. It will make them smile I promise! Think about this even when sharing the opportunity. Even when they say no, the fact that you thought of them, believed in them, wanted them to be a part of your team and part of something you love flatters them to pieces.

When you recognize the efforts and hard work of someone, pointe out their strengths, they begin to shine even more! I love watching dancers perk up when I get excited and comment on their arabesque or a beautiful turn. They work harder, shine brighter and it follows them right out of the classroom, into the world. Dance is no different than what I was saying about customers, or people on your team. When you know them, their life,  you know when they are stressed it shows them they matter. People want to know they matter.image

I have teenagers now and I am amazing at embarrassing them and ruining their lives. Whenever I think something in my head that is positive I say it out loud. Why keep it to myself when it doesn’t do anything. It may be the girl checking me out with beautiful eyelashes, the guy at Taco Bell with amazing customer service or the lady at the mall with the cutest boots ever. I always tell them and let them know. Now my children do want to crawl in a hole, but think of how amazing you feel when someone notices something about you and thinks enough to tell you. You have no idea how it can change someone’s day! And I promise you it will make you feel amazing also!

Life is hard, there are always curve balls. Remember this everyday when you interact with people. You could change someone’s day, world or life by just seeing them and making them feel special!  Thank you Miss Gay Burke! Our phone call reminded me of this and made me feel special! When do I get to come for dinner! 🙂

Night and sweet dreams always K


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