Let music stir your heart!


Last year I took Kenzie Boo my beautiful teen to her very first concert. As with any great concert the arena was filled with anticipation for what was to come. Music playing, videos, quotes, pictures, it is all about the experience. And then the music started, Kenz looked at me and asked why she was crying? It was the overall experience and moment that drove the tears to her eyes and down her cheeks. The power of music to jump in your body and bring such emotion is extraordinary. It makes your heartbeat, your toes tap, your hips wiggle, it can make you smile and sometimes it makes you cry.image-5
Music is also an extraordinary memory bank. Songs capture moments in time. I love when I hear a song and my heart goes to a past memory or person. In high school during one of my many heartbreaking break ups I recorded “I  will always love you”  off the radio. On to a tape! (dating myself). I only caught half of the song. In true teen heartbreaking fashion I played the song over and over and over again. ( Let’s remember I only had half the song) I still do this today, I occasionally refer to  myself as a song killer. Soon there was a knock at my door and my dad handed me the Bodyguard soundtrack. It was either out of pure heartbreak for me, or he couldn’t take hearing only part of the song once again. High school, friends, my four children and of course my loves all have amazing songs attached to the memories. image-7

Lyrics are like poetry and writers are a gift. I love the way the words float on the notes of a song and lift at the right moments. I love choosing impactful lines out of songs like the perfect quotes and sending them to friends or posting to share with everyone. Music and lyrics express things we sometimes can’t express ourselves. They can be great moments of happiness or moments of sadness. One of my favorite things is when I find a song that captures my heart , I love sharing the link with someone I know will love it as much as me. A window to my heart! I also love when friends, dancers or family members make me a CD or a playlist. Back in the day this was known as a mix tape. If you got a mix tape from a boy it was real deal, serious. Something about someone thinking of you when they hear a song is meaningful and means a lot to my heart…..image-3

Music makes us move!! Sometimes it is not intentional but the sound and beat of the music moves us to wiggle, jump, dance. Kenz has this amazing impression of me dancing in the car. I am really hoping I have better moves then her recreation of me driving and dancing, if not I own it. I cook better (well maybe not but it seems more fun). Cleaning is easier, getting your day started and even your day into work. Music is a mood changer. A favorite song comes on, you sing, you smile spontaneously and your day is better. As a ballerina the music is crucial, it is my blank canvas in which I paint on. Without the dancers pouring themselves into the sounds and  music, it cannot create the soul and meaning of the dance. Music drives not only better workouts, faster runs, and lifting more. Whatever music you connect to, can help you bring out your best self. Find your songs, your playlist and let it inspire you in all ways.


Many of you know I just started a new position with Beautycounter and had the opportunity to share an amazing week in Santa Barbara with our incentive earners and the founding members of our company. I had heard our founder loves to dance, loves to experience those moments with her amazing Beautycounter friends and family. I really didn’t expect the dance party that ensued. Not only was it a gorgeous venue on the beach but the dance floor was filled late into the night. Not only by all the consultants but for our leader and the other employees. As if that was not enough, later in the week it was followed up by Karaoke. This was not any karaoke, this is a tradition and these ladies took it on. I was shocked, amazed and very much felt like I need to start practicing up for future parties. People danced, laughed, and joined in singing when it was a song they knew. Loved the emotion, feeling and fun of the night!image-6

So whatever the moment find a song, smile, dance, maybe cry but live. Let the music stir your soul and help carry the real emotions you are feeling! Create your life soundtrack, and may your tomorrow and future be filled with the most beautiful melody!

Love always… xxxx K


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