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imageI have been missing and I am back!!! I know I haven’t written in awhile and sometimes its hard to jump back in when you have been on hiatus. I also just started a new job.  Settling  in, meeting the people of our district and training, not much play time for this girl. My mind is so tired before I hit the pillow, its hard to find a topic to write about, or think of something about life to inspire people about. But I have missed it and today while sitting on my bed with the  rain coming down I was ready to type!!!

So I admit always to know nothing but to be on a forever mission to learn, grow, figure out who I am and change the world. I love people and learn from every single person I meet. Truth be told I am almost forty ( I know hard to believe right, since I look twenty seven.. LOL ) #keepinitreal In the last few months I think I’ve learned more about who I am and who I want to be. I think with age you settle into what you believe and what makes you happy.image

I have mentioned before when I started interviewing I learned so many things about myself. You are forced to talk about your strengths, and your weaknesses. You also begin narrowing down what jobs you like and what you want to do. Not necessarily for the rest of your life but for now. No matter how happy you are in your job, I think interviewing helps build confidence in who you are and what lies ahead. In many ways I think it also gives you more confidence and spunk at the job you currently hold. This holds true for my younger readers as well. If you are in college, start your LinkedIn page, start networking, do  an internship, and interview for potential jobs. It will help you find yourself and help lead you down your future path. My job search lead me to a place where I work with amazing woman everyday. I teach them, work right beside them, inspire, motivate, work on business plans, and help them build the future they desire. So Very Kelli!image

The other twinkling spot in my life is teaching ballet. I stepped away from it for awhile as my family grew. Being back at dance is such agift.  They always say if you work the gift you are given the rest follows. I am so at home teaching and dancing.  It is strange that something like dance can be such a huge part of me. It is my heart and soul and I think there are very few who will understand the extent of it. It is my safe place, the place I can pour my sadness into or my happiness. Choreography and expressing myself is not forced but natural. If it is the right song the movements come quickly and it all falls into place. It is the way my mind works best. My biggest strength and my biggest release. I didn’t know how much it meant until this year. Or maybe I did but this year I needed it more than ever! This too is so Very Kelli!

Being a mom. Where is the instruction book? I think mine got lost in the mail. YES I have four… and I would not change it for anything. Most of you that know me well – know I would have five or even six. I am not sure if I do it well, but seriously who does. Get me their phone number, I will have her be the next guest blogger. Also lets not ask the older two their thoughts.  But I do know, that it is my greatest role. It makes me the total package. I want nothing more than to be running around every morning of my life in mass chaos, looking for the match to a sock, making waffles (in the toaster), and trying to explain why the tooth fairy forgot to come. I know they know that I love them, that I would do anything for them, they are my greatest inspiration,  they are why I want to succeed, help women, dance and change the world. And even though they pretend they do not know these things I know that they do! The little ones are easy. I can do no wrong. I make the most perfect macaroni and cheese, I know the princesses, I am amazing at pedicures for both of them and I am the most perfect person to snuggle.

Knowing who you are is so important and one of the hardest things to know and feel confident about. I guess for a lot of reasons I have thought about it a lot this year. Perhaps because forty is a year or so away. What I have come to learn and find is…

I am passionate, driven, scattered, social, personable, full of desire, never fulfilled, busy, true, honest, too much, light, soft, vulnerable, open, independent, empowered, fashionable, talented, athletic, creative, fun, cuckoo, overwhelmed, loyal, constant, organized, whimsical,  giving, and even a little funny. I can be on top of the world and constant for three days and then exhaustion sets in and I am a hot mess. I always have the best intentions. I would do anything to bring someone up even if it is the last ounce I have. I forget your birthday, I forget lunch money, I fill out papers wrong, I am not the best hugger, I love to tell crazy pointless stories , driven by music and love. I roll with things, am not easily upset and will give you a million chances, eternally hopeful and one hundred percent crazy. I love with everything I have and then some. AND YES cuckoo, I think I mentioned that once before.. I love heels, lipstick, dressing up and sales! I am all of these things. And I love that I am all of these things. When you choose for me to be in your life as an amazing friend you get every bit of this. The good, the silly, and the crazy!

When you truly know who you are it makes room for so many more things in your life. It makes decisions easier, relationships wiser, and work and play fall into place. Learn who you are through your work, your passions, your family and all those amazing relationships that choose you for you! Cause guess what? I am pretty sure you are just as fabulous as me!!! MUAH! K


  1. Mandy says:

    Kelli – this is beautiful! I recently started subscribing to your blog and I have loved the posts. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote on this page, especially the part about knowing who you are, confidence, etc. I am going through something similar.

    I miss dance and ballet will always be a passion of mine. It’s been forever since I put on those shoes, but I think about dance a lot.

    I also remember you being such a great friend and role model for me when I was young so thank you!! Thank you a million times over!

    Also, I will never forget stopping at the drive thru at Wendy’s for countless “biggie” diet cokes. 🙂

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