It is all I want – for all of you….

imageimageimage Once upon a time I met Sean and we became quick friends.  He always makes me laugh and I have to say is one of my most honest, tell it how it is friends. I love Sean because he knows who he is and don’t believe there are many people in this world, that really know that.

We worked together for a long time and then he went away to school, but we always stayed connected. Occasionally I would get a phone call in the middle of the day or late at night. He was just calling to check to make sure I was still fabulous! And of course to give me an update on how his fabulous, amazing life was going. The one thing we always talk about our love lives. A few years ago I had someone in mind for him and called to give him an update. (Yes totally the occasional matchmaker.. and not so bad at it, you know who you are! ) Sean said something that night that I loved and was one of the highest compliments! He said “the most amazing thing about you, is you are always wanting the people you love to be happy. Is is your life mission. It is the thing you care about most and I love that about you.”

This week I have thought so much about that. I am sure in life happiness comes and goes, but it is always a goal. Happiness does have so many factors that can change how we think or feel. I do know in some ways it is a conscience choice and you wake up and have to choose it. Someone recently asked me what I wanted my end goal to be, and my answer was I want to be happy.

Only you can find your happy spot. You have to overcome your surroundings and the people and factors that bring you down. You cannot choose how your day will fall into place, the weather, or the people around you. Just because something makes you over the top happy and is the missing piece does not mean it will happen. You can only control one person and the path you choose will help lead you to happiness. I know in my heart it can be found and is a forever goal!

Only you know what decisions and paths will make you happy. No one can choose that, or force you to it. The hard part is when you come to a fork in the road knowing which path leads to happiness. You never know…. You don’t know what lies ahead, how many potholes, if there will be a tree in your path, or if the path is clear for several miles and the perfect sunrise is in view. You don’t know, but you choose and head into the future and hope,  adjusting your sails along the way.

image I do always hope happiness for the people I love! Whether it is about family, kids, leaving a job and moving into a new one, what college, braving it and following your dream to dance, letting go of someone or finding that new perfect person for you…I hope for you no matter where your heart leads you, it helps you find it.

Along the way if you need some help, or you are stuck on the side of the road, know I will always be there, ready to help you find your happy place! It is all I want for all of you!

imageLove always and I wish you days full of happiness… K



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