I’m not ready.. Neither were they!

imageEight days until the Pelotonia!

What the $%&#^*!!!

I have a huge network of Pelotonia friends or should I say family members…. Partially because I am a social butterfly on steroids.( Not like the Lance Armstrong real kind, just the overly energetic, crazy nonsense soul kind.) But also because the people that ride in Pelotonia are some of the most inspirational people I have ever met in my entire life! Motivated, driven, genuine, passionate, goal oriented, athletic and hey sometimes not athletic… You know who you are!! And when I see you, you inspire me even more than the crazy everyday cyclists. It is a group of people that come together to change the world. To save the world. To fight for people and for life. To give hope and to lift even someone at the brink of death to know there WILL one day be an end. They can close their eyes and know we will save the future. I don’t say that because I am full of it! ( ok I am a little ) I say it because I know it, with everything I am! Actually I am not certain of very many things these days, but that I am certain of.

imageWhen I signed up for Pelotonia I expected to ride for my Aunt and so many others. I was riding for them! I didn’t realize all that I would get. I have been gifted with amazing friends. Some that are Pelotonia soul mates. Some that don’t know me but their words pushed me up a hill. Or the one that stood at the top, saw I was going to make it, and clapped. My heart soars to know I have and will continue to be touched by these people. I would be crazy to not mention my dad – the speed bike demon, who rides everyday but hangs with us amateurs on day number one.

So as my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, yard signs, and the hundreds of bikers I see training are in my face, I started getting nervous! UGH I didn’t train enough- Whoops no I haven’t trained at all. Sure I have done a few cram them in bike rides but in eight days I am about to get my BUTT kicked. I have been sitting here all night thinking about how I am not ready…

And then it dawned on me…Neither were they. They went to the doctor for a physical, or because they knew something was off and learned they had CANCER!! They didn’t get to physically train. Get their body ready for the biggest fight and challenge it would ever go through. Prepare for throwing up, headaches, pain, no appetite, hair loss, weight loss, weight gain. They didn’t have time to get things ready at their job because of treatment, or put their financials in order or help their family prepare and be ready. No prep time to mentally take it in, prepare their heart and soul to fight to live; fight a lurking beast that is taking over. There is no Cancer training time.

HMMMMM sounds like maybe a 100 miles on a bike with some huge ass hills isn’t that big of a deal. Especially when I have the most amazing group of people I have ever dreamed of encountering there, supporting, cheering and riding with me..


I guess I will see you in eight days PEEPS! Let’s do this! Cause I say Cancer doesn’t have a chance against us!

If not US who.. If not now when..

I love you all K

support my ride… 🙂


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