If you Believe!

imageThere is only one thing that sets people apart in every aspect of life!


And you really thought I believed in pixie dust and rainbows!!!!! NO…. but the key is I believed… not in magic.. or rainbows, fairytales or pumpkins that turned into a magical carriage! Yes I believe – but I believe in what can be REAL!

Just recently on a trip to Kentucky for work we were discussing how one of our team members is number one in the nation and  beating her plan by something crazy, like $40,000 dollars there is only one reason because her district believes. Not just her, not just her leaders.. every single representative believes that they will become “Record Breakers”. They believe, they have momentum. And because of this they will succeed!image

Believing really is the hidden pixie dust in anything! Because without believing you don’t go after it! You sit back, watch it pass you by… And believe me it will pass you by! You really do have the ability to go after the things you want in life! Yes there are always obstacles, there are always things that may make you believe you can’t have it but if you want it – it is yours!image

The person that says you can’t go to school and dance.. Well you can? But do you want to? Can you sacrifice and put forth the effort? You can’t figure out school? You can’t find another job… You can’t run a marathon, fight cancer, go to your dream destiny or find your soul mate? You are the deciding factor.

The problem is there is one person it counts on and it is you! You can settle or you can believe! pick..

Picking is sometimes the hard part.. I didn’t say it was easy. There is nothing wonderful and fabulous in life without the hard stuff.. But the hardest picks, the most work, the biggest obstacles bring the highest rewards and true happiness!

And when you lose the girl- are stuck in the same job- don’t lose the weight- don’t make your holiday sales numbers- don’t reach the crossover number.. There is only one person you can blame!

Believe! I believe in you .. but that doesn’t matter the only person that can believe and make a difference is you!!

I do believe in things even when I shouldn’t… Sometimes at a fault… but it is one of my most very favorite traits about myself!

Love always Rainbow and Unicorn girl…. always

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