I believe I can fly… and so should you!

imageIt was a snow day! YAY

When my fifteen year old son entered the land of the living today at 10:00am… He said “I told you to believe, and you didn’t. That’ll teach ya.”  That is not something I hear very often. I always believe- sometimes at a fault. Yesterday Cam said today would be a snow day. I told him I thought the weatherman had it wrong, the craziness at the grocery store, and the constant weather updates were all hype! I suggested he lay out his uniform, do his health mission statement and go to sleep. So waking up and telling me I should have believed was a joke in a sense but also a life reminder that it never hurts to have hope or to believe in what you want.

imageFor so long I didn’t believe. I wasn’t the smartest girl in my class. Naive, wrong boys and constantly searching for the right person. I didn’t believe I could fly, let alone that I had the wings to do it. We all have a path and a journey that teaches us the lessons that help us grow and become who we are meant to be. There are people that enter our lives and with them bring an important lesson that helps us grow: leave the nest and fly.

Many of you know I didn’t have a voice, or any confidence and once both were found- watch out. I went to the extreme and wasn’t sure how to not share what I was thinking and feeling. I gained ground and confidence. I learned I had value and grew, learning from the amazing people I was surrounded by. I learned to fly, but more importantly, I learned that I wanted to help others find their wings. I wanted to help other s realize their value, their worth, their beauty, and when I did that, I only learned more about myself and the person I am and wish to be. You have to believe you have wings, but also have people who believe in you and want to support you on your path to become who you want to be.

imageFlying is scary! Whenever I reach out to a new person or a new experience I am fearful. The key is to go for it. Most likely if you jump from the nest, if you weren’t ready, you will land on a nearby branch or a good friend will be waiting to catch you. I would rather jump and feel the confidence of the air under my wings then to have never tried and be stuck in the nest. I think about the things I believed that have gotten me where I am…There is not one time I regret jumping.

Unfortunately, the world has people and stumbling blocks that will try to deter you from your belief in who you are and what you want to be. The only real obstacle is yourself. I give a speech at dance, at work and to good friends: if you could do or be anything what would it be… Hmmmm then you should go do that!!! Anything they have to say after that is just an excuse they have created in their head. You can’t be a world class interior designer.. You are right – sounds like you can’t. You can’t get  another amazing job because you don’t have the right degree. I am sure you are right. Do not be your own worst enemy.

Believing is hard… but you can’t stop.

imageYou live one time- get one chance! Figure out what you want in life… believe in yourself, your dreams and your abilities and leave the nest.


That’s the hard part! The flying part is easy…

Spread your wings- and if you have trouble along the way…I promise to catch you… Love K




  1. Michelle Bundy says:

    Kelli- loved your blog today… the caterpillar pic at the end is great!!! I have a few caterpillars in my life that I am going to share it with! 😉
    Keep the words flowing…

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