Happiness is a butterfly – October playlist

From the sky today with some beautiful sunshine. A clear sky and clear head. I have started traveling a lot again, I love meeting people and connecting in person. In the last couple weeks I have met a few people who are listening and loving my playlists. Also some secret dancers who are using my barre work. Of course it made me so happy because I love sharing and want it to bring people happiness. This playlist has been around all of September but I hadn’t gotten a chance to share it with all my twirlers. I won’t continue to tell you how much I love music and feel it is my love language. Excited for you to have it, play it, hear it and share it!

As we move into October we come to that sweet end of an amazing year. Goals, dreams and the never ending chase for happiness all in play. Good news is you still have time. Time to make it happen, time to pivot, chase the dream and always chase happiness. Happiness is a butterfly, here fluttering, gone, then back. As usual I am always chasing happiness.. Note the WINS, have gratitude in what you do have. I mean what is happiness? Really just our mindset on our life and where we are at. Again all the power is yours. So be the happiness, be the butterfly, find it in yourself. And when you land in one garden or flower and it doesn’t feel just so, flutter to the space that brings you joy!

Here are some songs…. For the car, the dance classroom, while you workout, for some ballet barre in your living room and to share with a friend.

Love always a butterfly at heart! K


  • California – Lana Del Rey
  • Outnumbered – Dermot Kennedy
  • Dancing With Your Ghost – Sasha Sloan
  • The Archer – Taylor Swift
  • Happiness is a butterfly – Lana Del Rey
  • giving in – Iris
  • Get You the Moon – Kina
  • Bag of Dreams – Joel Baker
  • When I wasn’t watching – Mandy Moore
  • Glow – Gavin James
  • Higher Love – Whitney Houston
  • Coming Home – Gavin James
  • Rescue – Lauren Daigle
  • This Girl – Lauren Daigle
  • Easy Camila Cabello

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