From the girl who hates goodbye….


Possibly every night this week I have gotten my computer out ready to type a new blog entry. I took a step away again and haven’t written in awhile. Partially because I am always so busy, but also because I wasn’t sure where to start, what to write about or what I even have the authority to write about. Tonight when I was getting ready to close my eyes, I was thinking about how I don’t love saying goodnight but more importantly I hate saying goodbye.SS

I have always loved that every choice, person, place, day, moment- good/bad has a place in my story. I was never someone that wanted to erase a memory, or get a do over. Every moment has had an impact on me, the person I am today and the person I am becoming. Even the choices or chapters I thought were more meaningful and then disappeared are part of my heart and who I am.Anita

I don’t like moments to end, especially the good ones. I actually hold on for dear life of what was or how I want something to be. Recently someone mentioned how I have so many good friends and people in my life. I think it is because if you come into my world, I want to keep you in it forever. I genuinely care. I love learning about people. What makes you tick, what makes you get passionately angry, what is your story? And then it becomes my goal to help you find happy, to help you believe there is a happy. So even when life changes, or you change, or move away, or leave my life, I want to keep you in it. Because I love and care hard! I don’t want to miss your next chapter. I want to see you meet your goals and find your piece of happiness. You can’t do that with a goodbye! Perhaps a talk soon, or see you for coffee but not a goodbye. Goodbye is way to final for this girl!!!Joann

They say when you aren’t trying to get pregnant you do.. ( it has happened to me more than once! ) When you aren’t looking for love you find it sometimes where you least expect to. That is very much how I feel about my new job opportunity. I have only been at Avon for a little over a year. I wasn’t searching or looking for new things but always wanted to be open to opportunities. Things happen for a reason and this job found me. It is the next step in my journey and a very exciting step! It has nothing to do with my belief in Avon or my love for this company or the people. I have been surrounded by so many amazing people in the last year.

I was so lucky to have the most incredible boss Bob McCoy. If you have been lucky enough to have him then you have been lucky enough to work under the best. Expected us to work hard, gave direction, checked on us often, and helped us plan and look at our business. Cheered for us, offered inspiration, protected us and kept us cocooned from the happenings of corporate, which kept us focused and moving in the right direction. Which is why he always had great success and why his teams have great success. If he called you because your numbers were bad, you felt bad you were disappointing him before he even said anything. I hope I can be the leader he was for me and is for Avon. I would like to hope in my new role if I needed help or advice he would be a phone call away.BM

The Monarch District Sales Managers- WOW… My very first District sales meeting I remember thinking the knowledge that is in this room is mind blowing. The role of a district sales manager is not cookie cutter. We all have very different backgrounds and skill sets. Which means when you get a room full of beautiful, talented, brilliant and very competitive woman you better watch out!!! I loved that when I saw someone’s numbers pop, I could call and say ok tell me what are you doing. We always shared, we always wanted success for each other and bonus money… LOL We were always one team. Which is why we had the success we did last year being number one in sales in the nation.  ( we were robbed – you know what I am talking about ladies!) Not only did you teach me about this business, but you became my friends. You wanted to know me. I remember when Jenny from the block told me I was guarded and I was shocked! 🙂 You fought to know me, to understand me and you shared stories with me that made me learn more about you but also about myself. So there are no goodbyes for you… Only until the next Zoom drinking meeting, or a weekend away. I am there!!!! Always a phone call or a text away… xoxoxoimage

District 4345…. You become family in this business. You have been an incredible family this year. A year that was bumpy for me. You were great partners and helpers to me. I learned so much about each of you. Some of you grew so much in the last year. Found your voice, started building teams, and reaching your goals with Avon. I loved watching you do that and the happiness of realizing you could. You did that it wasn’t me. And no matter where I am, I am still cheering for you, believing in you and available for a pep talk or to kick your butt when needed. I love that I partnered with you on your business, and helped you when you were passionate the good and bad… but also I learned about your families. I ate your food, I came to your home, I watched your kids, you watched mine, I rode your horse and fed your goats, I talked, beauty fitness, school, break ups, parenting, grand parenting and how to keep your marbles in place. We had medical scares, birthdays, parties, laughs and tears. ( squeeze your butt cheeks). Each of you were a blessing for me… All of you have a place in my story and I am never too far away. I know where you live- that is actually true!


Potts of Gold

I only had 1373 for such a short time but still built relationships and was in awe of the determinations and hard work in that market. You want it, go after it and fight for success every day! What you have taught me about this business and life has a huge impact on who I will be in this world.

So with that I move onto my next chapter … There are no goodbyes from this… Too many amazing special people in this last year to close this chapter. It isn’t my style… Thank you for what you have given me in this past year. Great success, confidence, knowledge, stories, memories and friendship.

So crying.. I type until we meet again…Because I believe that to be true with all my heart!

Hugs K


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  1. Jo Nixon says:

    Best of luck in your new endeavor Kelli. I always enjoyed you at Longaberger and followed you through the Avon positions so please be sure to keep us in the know as you start a new journey !

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