Falling for Fall – November playlist

Falling for Fall and so many other things. The list of things, dreams, ideas, and goals I have swirling in my brain continues. This year forced me to stop, breathe and look at things so much differently. Those dreams haven’t gone anywhere, they are here, bigger, brighter and better than ever. So the rest, breathing spaces, the support, the energy and the new chapter make me ready to change with the golden trees and fall right into Fall.

Here are some songs I have been playing for the last couple months. It was a September playlist, that became October and then just like the leaves, changed into a November playlist.

I hope you play it here there and everywhere…… And I hope you hear and see more of me finishing out this year and moving into 2021.

Change with the seasons- Love Kelli


Banks – Needtobreathe

The 1 – Taylor Swift

Trying my  Best – Anson Seabra

Without You – Leslie Odom JR.

More Love – Sara Bareilies

Can you Hear Me – Anson Seabra

If Your Meant to Come Back- Justin Jesso

Little Runaway – Celeste

I Just Don’t think I’ll Get Over You – Colin Hay

Rolling Deep – Aretha Franklin

Soldier – Gavin James

Can’t Help Falling In Love – Tommee Profitt

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