“Defensive Driving”

i-have-a-car-driving-quote   My oldest is driving now! Cautiously and carefully…. It is one of those things as a mother that you are incredibly excited for. Life changing, they can independently get to and from places. Also that moment where you are officially letting go and they are fending for themselves and making decisions. One more step out of the mama bird nest. As Cameron takes classes and begins driving I was reminiscing about how much I hated drivers ed. Terrible videos, long classes, and I might add no cellphone to distract me. ( Yes no cellphone – but I did have shoes and did not walk ten miles to get there!) I started thinking of what I learned and what I remembered most. The drivers education lesson I still believe is very true. It really isn’t about how you are driving, it’s about how everyone else is driving. You have control over your decisions and actions behind the wheel but you also must be able to think and react on what all those other drivers do. Defensive Driving!CAM

So true in life as well! We make decisions that seem best for us. Follow our heart, make logical choices but what matters just as much is how we react to thoughts, feelings, and decisions of others. How do you react behind the wheel of life when the other driver makes a decision you weren’t ready for?driving-quotes-3

” Hello you are in my lane! ”  Happy as can be at work, school, in a relationship and someone begins stepping on your turf. They jump into a project that has been your baby since the beginning. Yes  – teamwork is always best and adds to any project but there are times when input or help is not wanted or needed. How do you kindly take the help, or help the person move along and stay in their lane. This can happen in relationships as well. There are times when someone pops in that doesn’t belong in a relationship and you need to keep your relationship on course and kindly remind that person to stay in their lane. There are also times the person you are with decides to move to a different lane, or choose another destination. Sometimes even friendships can cross lanes and make it hard to focus on the lane you are following. The fork is in the road and you must choose a path. “Movin right along, footless and fancy- free. Getting there is half the fun; won’t you share it with me.”  In that moment how you react, does affect the outcome of the situation. Focus on your lane, your joy, your success. Don’t be afraid to share the road but watch your lane!movinrightalong

Watch the Road Rage… It happens right! Someone drives completely erratic, speeding through. They almost cause your death from their reckless behavior. At that moment anger consumes you and you would like nothing more than to possibly make a few hand gestures or follow them and then tell them off at the next light! Here is the problem…. When someone selfishly drives through your life and makes decisions that greatly affect you and seems to shake everything you are. You can’t consume yourself by it. If they so easily make those choices and are so reckless, you being angry, telling them, and putting them in their place really has no affect. They are incapable of seeing the choices and chances they take for themselves and others. Drive defensively watch for those drivers and avoid collisions and near death experiences. Don’t hold the anger, move on and surround yourself by those that care not only for themselves but the friends and people that are around them.funny-driving-quote

It is your steering wheel. You are on a journey and a path and the destination is always beautiful. Every sunset gets better and every chance you get to see a sunrise means you made it through another dark night and are ready to have sunshine on your cheeks. Enjoy the road, watch for potholes, stay in your lane and watch for reckless drivers. Take chances, travel far, see lots but wear your seatbelt. Because sometimes a storm comes in and your wipers need changed, or you get a flat tire…Kids

Enjoy the ride always and I hope I can ride along and help you get to your destination!

Love Kellitumblr_m5c0n3jrcG1qig1x1o1_1280


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