Cinnamon and spice….. and everything smells nice

You won’t find very many cooking recipes on this site. I like to stick to things I know and love to do. Cooking isn’t one of those things. Although  I am sure there will be moments I share something quick and easy that my family loves!

Today I am sharing a fun tidbit that my children’s Grandma Sue Sue taught me. It will fill your house with a warm smell. It’s as close to cooking as I get on many days. You need a few items…

2 clementinesimage

an apple



Peel the clementines and feed them to your children, or you may eat them yourself.. YUM! Throw the peels into a saucepan of water. Cut up one apple into chunks or slices, throw these into the mix as well. Now add nutmeg and cinnamon, to your preference. Some people love the smell of nutmeg being a little stronger and others like the cinnamon. Let the mixture simmer on the stove all day. Leave it on low or warm. Check the water occasionally to make sure it still has water and does not boil away. You will love the smell that fills your home on a cold winters day.

Love ya much K


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