Catching up with Kerry – Part one

Catching up with Kerry Wee. I have given an intro of this amazing professional dancer and aerialist before. Kerry grew up in Ohio, where we danced together and then she ventured off to LA. She has an amazing resume in the dance world that many would die for. We reconnected in the last few years and I am so very happy we did. Our conversation comes easy about dance and actually many other things in life. Today in part one – I asked Kerry a million questions about how she started and what led her to LA. To learn more about Kerry and her aerial knowledge follow her blog with the link below.

Here are a few of my biggest take aways from my interview with Kerry….

  • First obstacle can be telling your family you’re headed to LA in the ARTS.
  • Dance can be a big question mark unlike other career paths.
  • LA may be more affordable than NY. You can live with many roommates and have that added support.
  • 25% Talent and skill- 25% Emotional toughness – 25% business sense and money management – 25% people and networking
  • Look and be the part even if you don’t have the skill or the steps.
  • NICE matters. People will remember how you walk into the room and how you behave at auditions and on jobs.
  • Auditions – go to learn and grow not only for the YES.
  • I always say ten Nos will get you to a YES. Kerry said her personal philosophy for dance was 60 Nos for a 1 YES.

Look for part two coming soon. Reach out with any questions and follow us on insta…

Go for the No… Love K

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