Ballet “The most perfect contradiction”

imageBeing a ballerina is my first love and a window to my heart and soul. Teaching and dancing are a hobby, a job, but it is where my light may shine brightest. My classes will tell you I am sure that they hear as many corrections from me: turn out more, shoulders down, eyes up, butt under, as they do life lessons, told in funny stories of course. My life is full, I am passionate, give full force with my whole heart and make lots of mistakes along the way, and I share because I hope I will  help their path become easier or they will know this is life!image

This is a busy week at the studio because this weekend we go to dance competition. Dance competition means different things to different people. To me it is not about a score or a trophy but the opportunity to share the very best of what you love to a room full of people who are inspired, motivated and love what you love. You get the chance to share your creativity and a piece of your heart. You learn, see your flaws, are inspired by other dancers and it pushes you to succeed and be your best. I told classes just tonight they bring my thoughts to life. The ideas spin through my head to the paper, to the class, but they are the missing piece that bring it to life and stage. Dance is a release and they say the words that sometimes can’t be spoken. So this seemed the perfect time for this post going into this weekend.image

Ballet is the perfect contradiction…. such as life!

You must be strong and show your strength and ability – while being soft and as light as a feather.

Every movement must always go down and at the same time everything must go up. As you plié and bend into the floor, you should grow ten feet tall. Your chin, up, shoulders down. You are growing as you lower to the ground. The highest leaps must start from the biggest plié.image

You must look elegant and a fragile as a dove, while being arrogant, fierce and own the stage, the lights and your partner.

You must trust everyone around you, the transitions, the paths,  and especially your partners, knowing at the same time you only control yourself. The time you put in and decisions you make are only yours!

All these things are life and certainly being a woman, you must be strong enough to negotiate and sit at the board table, but loving, nurturing and a caretaker. You must always know the highest points in life come from the lowest dips, and it is from those low spots that you will learn, grow and reach new peaks. That as a woman you want to be a elegant, loved, taken care of , but be independent, strong and hold your own. And last all, the people around you play significant roles in your story, but the performance is yours. When the curtain closes for the final time you are the only one that matters.

Ohhh how much the dance room teaches us. Approach this weekend and your life with all that you are. Embrace the contradictions of life, love and happiness and know you own the stage. Make them watch you!!! Because I am pretty sure whatever stage in life you are standing on…. You are the Prima that only you believe you are!

Good Luck this weekend and beyond! Love Kimage


  1. Patricia says:

    Kelli, I feel the same way about Ballet, as well as Jazz, Tap, and contemporary. They all leave the sense of strength and independence that you did it, and that it was well worth the earn, even the mistakes. Just pick yourself back up when you make them and try again. Good Luck this Weekend with competitions, and God Bless you.

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