Ballet Barre – January Can’t Help Falling In Love

January Barre 2020 Ballet Technique by Lisa Harris

With all the crazy that the world is bringing upon itself, I choose to focus on love. The people, places and all the twirl that fills my heart. Here is ballet barre for January.

Plies- Track 2/ Can’t Help Falling In Love Starting in first, relevé and bring outside arm to a v, then lower, double relevé with arms in v again, then lower, one demi plié with arms first, one grande plié with arms high fifth, cambré forward and back, relevé balance. Repeat second with cambre towards the barre and away. In fourth, stretching forward and back, with no relevé at the end. Then fifth, with grande port de bras.

Tendu- Track 3/ Cry Me A River Facing the barre, from first, alternating four times roll through your foot to relevé starting with the right. Tendu right foot front, grande plié, tendu front, side, back, side. Two rond de jambe with right leg while left leg is fondued, relevé balance. Reverse starting with the left foot.

Tendu- Track 5/ Golden Earrings Left hand on barre, from first, fondu supporting leg and tendu front, close first, repeat side, back, side. Two tendus front, two back, two side closing first, then two closing fifth. Reverse starting tendu back.

Passé- Track 6/ Friendship Theme Facing barre, run foot up to passé, plié and relevé 4 times, balance for eight counts, then run down. Do right foot, then left.

Elevés- Track 10/ Continental In first, second, and fifth. Frappe- Track 9/ Anything You Can Do Four front, coupe switch, four back, four double side, petit battement in coupe and passé. Hold back attitude, plié and relevé four times, extend arabesque.

Stretch- Track 12/ Hands Of Time Put right leg on barre and square off to leg, two pliés, cambré back, plié, relevé balance. Adjust leg to be in second, stretch over left, then right, plié, relevé balance. Turn to arabesque, two pliés, cambré back. Lift leg off barre and promenade to other side, bring leg to passé, stretch leg front, and side, then let go of leg and hold in second. Take to arabesque, then split. Reverse starting with the left leg.

Fondu- Track 8/ Around The World Plié supporting leg, extend ninety degrees, fondu développé relevé, passé hold, en croix.

Rond de Jambe- Track 7/ Fly Me To The Moon Four en dehors, four en dehors with port de bras arms, grande rond de jambe en l’air, fondu grande rond de jambe en l’air, then in relevé. Brush front, through passé extend arabesque, brush front, close. Reverse.

Grande Battement- Track 13/ Easter Parade Four en croix.

Petit Allegro Coupé right foot front, step back assemblé, coupé left foot front, step back assemblé, glissade close front, jump beating back then front, step right cabriole, pas de chat right, soutenu, then double turn.

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