April at Home – Playlist Spring

Have you ever been moving a million miles an hour and suddenly you are sick and down for the count? We often are terrible at saying no or shutting things off and actually resting. Our bodies force us to stop. The universe has shut down for the time being. The pandemic has slowed life, the constant moving, buzzing and running. Yes we all miss everything about being able to go to work, travel even dinner out, but when will we have this time again. Things have stopped and we are at home with our families. No travel, no running, still living, surviving and moving in a very new existence.

I am hopeful this time brings us a new gratitude for all things we normally take for granted. And also gives us a new appreciation and closer relationship with those people that we sometimes find ourselves passing in a hall or at the front door.

As with all things the dance world has changed. There are online dance classes popping in to all social media feeds. Connecting, choreographing and collaborating across states, living rooms, in tiny bedrooms, studio apartments in NYC and living rooms where a passing cat or dog can be found. What all those rooms are filled with are love. Love for dance, love for each other, love of connection and music. Our dance studio has successfully ventured online and its beautiful how everyone has come together. Here is a playlist I have been playing loud in the kitchen, in my makeshift dance space and on some zoom ballet center- stretch classes.

Listen- Play Loud and LOVE – K


  • The Story – Brandi Carlile
  • Castles – Freya Riding
  • Lost- Luz
  • 22 – Gavin James
  • Believer – Lil Wayne – Imagine Dragons
  • Don’t Give up on Me – Andy Grammer
  • Keep Breathing – Congratulationz
  • Way Down We Go – KALEO
  • Ships in the Night – Matt Kearney
  • By Your Side – Brooke Annibale
  • Change Your Mind – Jack Vallier
  • I will be there – Odessa
  • Stole The Show – Kygo
  • Stars Are on Your Side – Ross Copperman
  • Here – Alessia Cara
  • Ready = Hael
  • Heartbeats – Aaron Wright
  • We Come Together – Regina Price
  • Love Vendetta – Arrow Benjamin
  • Got The Feeling – Juliet Roberts
  • For You – Greg Laswell
  • Blinded by the Lights – Dan Caplen
  • Now I can Fly – Raign

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