And then she was a butterfly….

imageAs we know I have started a new job and what I like to call my new adventure. The reason to change directions was simple… You only live once, I am always about growing, changing and experiencing new things. I have one chance to make a difference and change the world- time is a tickin and I better get going!!!

When I first started my job hunt I looked in many different directions. I have a teaching degree, I love events, I love inspiring and motivating, community and charity work. I did interview in many different directions and then realized Direct Selling was the perfect little package of all of those things! Growing, learning, events, training, inspiring, and making a difference through charity or fundraisers. Which led me to my new career with Avon.image

My journey begins with training and following the best. You take bits and pieces and mold it into your plan and the path you will take as a leader. You share what you know, brainstorm, get out of your comfort zone and have moments when you feel right at home. The thing I LOVE is the mentors I have met in the last few weeks. All of them are woman who want me to succeed. They are helpful, caring, brilliant and took time from their families and their teams to help me grow and spread my wings. Which is always what I love about people and what I want to do for others.

The moment I knew I was in the right place…. Last Monday I attended a leaders training class.. The room was a mix of several different women young and old. I chose my spot beside a lovely lady named Doris. ( she is fabulous and I am talking her into being a guest blogger soon). We talked and shared cell phone photos. At one point she made the comment “I choose to be wonderful in spite of everything.”image

Doris has a big family she helps and supports and Avon will make a difference in her life and theirs. All parts of the training were fantastic: the direct selling math, role playing, and making five phone calls. I must say Miss Doris was a little nervous but we worked together and she left with success, and that success will lead her down a path of working her business and growing. In meeting Doris, seeing her confidence grow and knowing the potential Avon has in changing her world, I knew this is right where I should be.

This was followed by my first divisional meeting. I am in the Monarch division and we cover  eight states. It is a team of brilliant woman, who are gorgeous I might add. And we are led by the amazing Bob McCoy, I hear there isn’t a better boss. His 2014 team currently holds the title for World Sales Leaders for 2015. Everyone was sweet and friendly. We got business updates, questions, met employees took a tour and I learned a lot. We had to go around the room at the end of the first day and choose a word we were feeling. My word was nervous! lol I was surrounded by a room full of women who had shared how many years they had been with Avon,  and their greatest successes. Whoa the experience and achievement in that room blew me away!! I suddenly felt very tiny and small. But what I wasn’t thinking about in that first meeting day, was this is my team. They want to help me succeed, learn and grow. When I left for the simple reason to learn, grow and experience new things I have found it. I confidently can say that if I called anyone of those women they would be ready to answer a question, give me advice or pick me up on the side of the road. The room was full of people who live to inspire, grow and build people.imageimage

So with that my word has changed, it isn’t nervous but excited. I am ready to change the world with my team the Monarch Division.  With these woman behind me – and our fearless leader Bob I know I will make a difference in others lives. I think this is a life transition where I am leaving the cocoon and getting ready to spread my wings and “fly high”.

Remember to follow your heart to find your way and always know there are always people who want to help you be your best, and succeed.

imageYou only live once – Love K

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