And then she jumped….



One of the things I want to do in life is skydive! It is on my bucket list of goals and dreams. As much as I want to do this, I know when the time comes I will have to be pushed out of the plane. I am hoping this is by someone who I trust with my life and I will forgive when I safely land on the ground. It is crazy that in life some of the biggest leaps bring the greatest rewards. It is not knowing the outcome that holds us back, questioning if we are making the right decision. Making a huge mistake, or doing something that will lead to lifelong bliss.

March 16th of last year I jumped. I had been at Longaberger for thirteen years. I had grown up there, I valued the relationships, I was comfortable and wasn’t sure I had what it took to move on. I was stepping into a new role at Avon, with new people, new expectations, and so much to learn.


What we forget in life is that when we jump we always have a parachute. In the last year my new Avon family became my parachute. With every question, mistake, lesson, event, contract, they helped me learn and grow. Yes I brought what I had learned from all the amazing men and women of my past but being embraced and respected by a new group is what brought me success.

What a difference a year makes….  A year ago…I was unsure, searching, committed, confused and lost in a chaos that made me question what I brought to the table. Stepping into my role as a District Sales Manager, I am a partner, trainer, event planner, fundraiser, friend, ally, listener (talker) diva, lipstick princess, traveler, motivator,  marketer, creator, confidant, team member,  public speaker, a hustler, multi tasker, a shopper, communicator, storyteller, believer,  I am a JUMPER…… I believe in people and I take risks. I help people see their potential and never doubt what they bring to the table. I help them see, dream and reach their goals. Simply by believing and giving them a little push out of the plane.image

Yesterday I found out District 4345 had circled and I will be awarded the Circle of Excellence for Avon. Our District is in the TOP 5% in the nation in growth! I cried of course. Proud, excited and very honored- YES!!! But the real reason for the tears was because I jumped… So thankful that I had a push from people that believed in my ability to jump and so blessed to have the amazing parachute of people that helped me grow, learn, stretch and land safely where I am today! The Circle of Excellence award really belongs to everyone who ever believed in me, shared, trained, inspired, and pushed me. It is to all my mentors in the last six months, trainers, Monarch District managers, Divisional, District 4345 leaders and representatives. Thank you!

Don’t ever be afraid to jump. And when you are unsure if you are capable or ready all the more reason to test your wings. You can do great things. You can reach every goal and dream… but it will never happen stuck in the plane circling the sky above. It will happen when you take a leap and float among the clouds..

Do it… and you know I will always be one to give you a loving push… or to help you find your way after you jump… always here as a parachute!

Love you always Circle of Excellence District Manager Kelli McVay!!!! Whoot whoot!

Hugs K

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