Always on my toes….

It’s June! Time to think summer and warm weather. The weather that gives all the positive vibes that we have been longing for. So with that positivity today we talk about always being on our toes. This has come up for me a lot in the last year from a perceptive of work, dance, money, and dating. It’s something we should always be doing which is why I am writing about it.

They say “Summer bodies are made in the Winter.” You know that old trick don’t wait until it’s time to put the bikini on and start working out. If you wait it will always be to late. Workout, train, watch those carbs all winter so when the time comes you are bikini ready. Yet often we wait and then go into psycho workout mode. The gym has certainly been popping this month. Soon everyone will realize it’s too late and back off their workouts until January when they make it a new years resolution.

This logic applies in all areas of life. With Beautycounter people are working hard for a volume amount and a certain number of leaders to make it to the top of the compensation plan. The ones who make it, are the ones that work to increase their volume, and are stable and consistent. If you dabble and wait, your business won’t be ready to accept strong go getters. As a leader you wouldn’t have the needed volume or be strong enough to have a stable, strong business organization. You always must be on your toes, ten steps ahead, and ready.

DANCE – What do you want in your dance world? Sure you are always pushing in class, striving for more turns, leg a little higher, to be noticed and to be chosen for certain parts and sections. But what if you were preparing for two years from now. What if you were always prepping for that audition in LA, a broadway show or to assist Mia Michaels. I see so many dancers who have amazing natural talent. They thrive, they perform and they grow. Then in March and April their senior year they decide they are going to go after that big dream. They haven’t auditioned before, they have no idea how they will support themselves, no headshots, no resume, and they have never tried singing. GROUND ZERO! Very much like cramming for a test that you have not prepped for.

What if – What if you were ready? What if you took some singing classes, auditioned for the local Summer play just for the stage direction and dance? What if you got a job and saved every penny for your “when I am poor in NYC fund?” What if you not only worked in the classroom but out of the classroom- stretching, turning, cross training to build endurance and strength. What if you increased your musicality by listening to all music. WHAT IF!!

Take this Summer to plot and plan the dancer you will be for the 2019/2020 season. What improvements will you make and how? Will you stretch this summer, run, do all those sit-ups and planks we have been talking about. Prep yourself now so that you can make strides to be the a stronger dancer when you walk in the first day of class. Write down your goals and then write down what activities you will do each week to get there. Start now-

When you show up it matters. When you show up as your best self in all places you will feel it. There is something to be said for being ready. I think most of us are flying by the seat of our pants, rolling with it, trying to survive the day we are in. You know this is how I live, but I can tell you that I have visions and dreams for five years – ten years down the rode. Everything I do today is getting me there. Even what you are reading is part of my Kelli Master PLAN. So yes live in today- be present- live like there is no tomorrow, but there is a tomorrow. Look at your life and what you are doing today. Is how you are showing up, what you are doing, where you are and how you love, is it prepping you on goals and dreams you have.

It is not luck – success comes from being READY and in the right place and time. If you aren’t ready it honestly won’t matter if you are in the right place at the right moment.

Get ready and be ready always -Love K

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