All about the prep….

image I have been missing for a bit… Life got away from me in all ways.  I did miss this outlet. As I am sure you were all missing my crazy nonsense that I like to call a blog. I actually have a billion ideas on what I would like to write about. My new job carries me here and there, I am always driving. I often wish I had a passenger who could capture all my thoughts on a notepad for me. Everything from District 4345 ideas, dance choreography, and blog ideas! Well today here I am, no promise of consistency or anything amazing.. But just some Kelli thoughts!

It is all about the prep!

It seemed perfect to jump back in with this because Sunday is my prep day… my prep for life day. I have always been an organized girl.. You can find my closet nice and tidy, organized by types of shirt or sweater, pants are folded and my shoes are all lined up. If something isn’t where it belongs I have not the slightest thought on where to begin to find it! So Sundays I organize my week. All the laundry is done and put away by Sunday evening. ( unless you are a teenager in this house and your clothing did not make it to the basket or the room in which laundry is done – thought I should add that disclaimer incase they read this, I am sure they won’t). On Sunday I lay out all Emerson and Mason’s clothes for the week. I pack my dance clothes and layout my Monday morning attire. All bags are packed, lunches and if it can go in the car the night before it does.This may seem crazy but it really makes a huge difference in my mornings and week. Things go quicker and smoother! I am always a fruitcake in the morning and I can’t imagine how I would be without doing thisimage.

I know many people who have a meal plan for the week and know exactly every ingredient they need when they walk into the store. Some even have coupons that go along with the meals they will be preparing for the week. Now as amazing as this sounds this will never happen for me. I don’t care about food, recipes or feeding my family! 🙂 But I am still very impressed with the people that do this! Prep is also very important when dieting or watching those calories. If you are prepared and know what you are doing for each meal including snacks it takes the guess work out of it. It keeps you on course and it is much easier to stay within the parameters you want to. I had a friend who got her veggies ready each Sunday night and had them separated in little baggies in the fridge drawer and all she had to do was grab them as she was walking out.image

Prep is so important in school and then later in life for all aspects of any job. In school you begin each semester or quarter with a syllabus that looks like more than you can handle but you break it down and find a way to conquer each task. The amazing thing is prep just makes life easier. When you actually read the information before class, it is so much easier to really grasp the information being taught. (I mean I never did that but I am sure this is true! lol) Any test, speech, project, group work is more successful when you take the time to study and prepare. This certainly follows you into the world of reality and a big person job. Any meeting, event, even a conversation in the hallway is smoother and will bring you more success when you are prepped and ready. Yes it takes time but walking into a meeting and understanding exactly what will be discussed will give you the ability to be the rising star you are. You will be able to share your creative thoughts, share and argue your points more effectively and will have more input in the future of the business in which you work. This prep isn’t always just on the subject matter but also the people in which you are working for or with. If you know them, what they are passionate about and what decisions they have made in the past you will be much more effective in collaborating with them.

I love my new job and could not be happier, and I am finally finding my groove in learning exactly what preparation I need to do to help our district reach success each campaign. Because I love working and find it something I do for enjoyment… I know? 🙂 I love getting my work week ready on Sunday night as well. I look at goals that I need to conquer for the week and print the reports that will help me get there. I often make up gift bags, print letters, write notecards and text all my newbies on Sunday evening. It helps me feel ready for Monday morning. I feel confident, positive and ready for success going into my work week. This does not need to happen on Sunday but even each morning when you get to work. Take fifteen minutes to review your calendar, projects that are happening in your department and the company. Who will you see and interact with. Being prepared shows you care, you have drive and you want to succeed.

I love working with women and men each day who have their very own business through the direct selling model. Being prepared is so key in this market. Often it is a second job or third and there is limited time to work the business. You must be prepared and know when it is you will work, what things you will do to be successful each campaign, quarter and sales year. When you have a goal, that helps you create a plan, and when you follow that plan you will be successful. I have many amazing leaders in my district and I am sponging up as much as I can to learn from them. They are fantastic planners. They put their goals together and then they follow them. Because they are successful at prepping and preparing they are successful with their businesses.image

My other job is ballet which is my heart. When I am prepared walking into class with new barre work, music picked and choreography we are more productive, the time is used so much better. I do believe that when being creative you can only be so prepared. Choreography sometimes happens in the kitchen, in the studio, driving down the road or sitting on my bed. Sometimes it works and sometimes the best things happen on the spot in the classroom. Being prepared is key but always be willing to roll with the punches and change direction.

It is so important to be prepared when graduating or when it is time to look for a new job. There are many ways to prepare yourself to look for that next new work adventure. Create a LinkedIn page! It is social media for  business people that are very career oriented. It will help you know which path you want to take and connect with the right people. Work through your resume and have a few professional people take a look at it. Know the company you are interviewing for, do your research and be prepared. You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. It also pays to be prepared when talking about moving up or asking for a raise. A friend just mentioned how they did this when asking for a pay increase. They showed how the department had an profit increase under their leadership. Cliental had increased and the overall experience had improved. Because they were prepared and could show their worth they received the raise.image

Even people like to be prepared. The easiest example of this is little people. They love to know what is coming and it gives you a chance to talk about and prepare them for how they may feel. School, a new sitter, a parent traveling. Kids can adapt and make it through anything as long as they are prepared for what is coming.

There really are so many things to be prepared for each and everyday. A marathon, 100 mile bike race, the house for winter, your car for a long trip, your heart in any relationship. I can’t say I am always prepared!! Many of you know me and see me walk in without half the things I need, but I do know that when I am prepared I feel more confident and in a much better spot to conquer the world. Take a look at all that you have going on… pick one thing that you could take a little bit of time to be a little more prepared this week and perhaps I will too!

I have missed you much! Crazy K




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