All a baby brings…

imageMany of you know I am a bit baby obsessed. Not only do I have four beautiful children but I have also been seen snatching and smelling babies across the United States including the pools of Hawaii. No baby is safe from my arms.

I have two amazing best friends, one of which is having a new baby today. A little baby boy! Scratch that – I am sure this will be no little baby but will come out as a linebacker as his older brother did. I am headed over to see the little guy this afternoon and could not be more excited!image

Babies bring so much to life. It is a fresh start, a new set of eyes to explore the world through. A person to love and help grow and mold. Someone who counts on you to make it through the next moment and hour. From the moment they meet you, they know you are there to bring them peace and comfort and safety. It is funny how that really happens in the very moment they hit your arms.

I love that this little being I meet today could be anyone. He could be a football player, a famous artist, or a boy with a dog who loves frogs and going fishing. Although they come into our arms as fresh slates and we help create and guide them.They really are their own little people with their own visions of what their life should be. Every person really is already predisposed in certain ways. You had one good baby sleeper that loved to be swaddled.. This one not so much. You have a little piggy that eats all day long, and one that needs it feet tickled and to be undressed to wake up enough to eat enough for ten minutes.

They come, they enter the world, they need you and thenĀ oneĀ day they are gone. ( But are they really ever? future blog post I am sure! )image

Congratulations Keri and Jim- lots of luck and sleep in your future! Do remember you have a BF baby snatcher that is willing to hold, rock and keep anytime you need to breathe!

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