About Kelli

A girl who wants it all – and believes it is possible.

My goal in life is just to be happy and help others find their bit of happiness. I am a mother of four and I have a little bit of everything – from teenagers to toddlers. Depending on the day, I can’t tell you which is harder. I have two cute dogs and a very lazy turtle. I work full time and my job reflects who I am, helping women find their passion in life, make their own goals and find their dreams. I also am a ballerina! I grew up dancing and began to teach after I graduated. I took a few years off and found my heart again when I went back to it. Teaching dance isn’t always about the music or the movement but about inspiring, teaching and working with girls who are trying to find themselves. I love to exercise and you can find me on the bike path, on foot or on a bike on a warm spring day. I plan on changing the world and I believe in community. I participate in fundraising for charities that are important to me and I am passionate about. I can’t cook but promise to share my best attempts. I love the world and people, I want to see it all and meet and learn from everyone I come in contact with. I hope to meet and learn from all of you!

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