A dream is a wish your heart makes…




A dream is a wish your heart makes when your’e fast asleep. Then you wake up.. Now what the heck do you do? 

I am a dreamer… A very big dreamer… I think it is always important to have big dreams, to live the life you want and to inspire others to do the same. I think people are afraid to dream and believe in things. It is so easy to stay in the life you are in and not venture out. Or let the past control what you believe you can dream, or what wishes will come true.

I saw an amazing speaker a couple weeks ago and she said some amazing things about being a dreamer.

-One she mentioned making a dream board. Make a board of the things and moments you wish for. Cut pictures out of magazines or print pictures that represent the things you are dreaming about. You could also scrapbook these things. Your dream wedding, traveling the world, finishing school or the perfect lap to sit in. Maybe create a dream Pinterest board and pin all your biggest dreams. I am not crafty and it does not take a dream board or a scrapbook just simply to dream and think of the things that I know would make me happy! Focusing on these things will make you want them more and help you reach the wishes your heart makes.image

– Second she said dreams can only happen when you make them a goal. It has to be more than a dream. You can dream all day everyday but your dreams will not fall from the sky…. Hmmm darn it- I have so been waiting for everything to fall into place and my dreams to come true. When you turn your dreams into goals, you can begin to work for them and attain them. Aha moment… (yes stealing from Oprah herself… )

Once your dreams become goals, you need to put together the steps that help you take action. Action is what helps you move forward and take the needed steps to reach the goal you have inplace. Is it to raise money for a charity, finish school, take your children to Disney. What steps will help you reach the goals you have set?image

She said something else that I loved. You cannot dream something for someone else. They will be fast asleep in the dream you have for them. I think this happens a lot… We want our dreams to be the dreams of others. Many moms have certain dreams for their children, or we dream of how someone should think or feel. They have their own dreams and wishes and they may be very far from the dreams you hold in your heart for them. Focus on your dreams…..

Always help others reach their dreams. You can inspire, motivate and help them recognize their dreams, but it has to be their dream.. that becomes their goal. You are simply there to believe in them. The power of believing in someone and believing they can reach their dreams is amazing. Sometimes people need a reminder of how amazing they are and the incredible things they can do! I have few fantastic people in mind.. I may message you here in a bit and give you the reminder you need.

It is time to wake up… the dreams you dream when you are fast asleep are waiting. Dream big, make them goals, reach for them and your heart will be happy!

Always Dream Big-  Love K



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