5 Top Tips to a Dancer’s Holiday Break

Do dancers get a holiday break? Sure but not the good ones! 

As a dancer your body is your greatest asset. Training physically and mentally is key. Your body is your secret weapon. We are coming upon a couple weeks off from dance. What does this mean and how can you stay in the best spot to start 2019?

  1. Eat whatever you want but don’t! I always say ballet is the perfect contradiction in all ways. I am the non dieter. It’s hard in life to restrict yourself so much from being happy that then you fall into a place of splurging so much you can’t gain control. So YES dance break means get the cheeseburger, fries and the shake but be prepared to shake it off tomorrow! This is the time to enjoy and eat the sugar cookie but all in moderation and know when it is time to get back in check.
  2. Workout like you are a dancer on break – Your body is use to dancing 5 hours a night, This builds strength, flexibility, endurance and stamina. Any great athlete knows it is not best to sit on your behind for two weeks and expect to come back being your best. Take forty minutes a day to visit your body. Everyday would be amazing but lets be realistic and say three days a week. What does that mean…… It means thirty minutes of cardio- sit ups- pushups – lunges- and a good long stretch to your favorite song. As a dancer your body is meant to move – SO MOVE IT! 
  3. STRETCH – I am Miss Flexibility…. and in some ways this is a natural ability but…. I also tell all my students I watched TV in the splits. I laid on my back in a straddle and placed textbooks on each leg. (the only thing I used my textbooks for- Coach Neff you know this is true!) Flexibility is KEY. If you are flexible stay limber during this time off by stretching each day. If you aren’t work on your flexibility and come back ready to shock your teachers. You can do this….. right split- left split-straddle-pigeon pose-nose to knees…. 
  4. Remember and Review – You know one of the reasons I became a dance choreographer, because I can’t remember other peoples choreography. HA  – True and funny. I always had trouble remembering what I learned and still do. I worked hard in between classes to be prepared. This is a break and time off from the studio but it does not mean you come back not knowing your dances and what you learned before vacation began. Everyone learns in different ways- how do you learn  and remember best? Is it having a journal and writing all the steps down. Is it listening to your dance songs in the car, having your dance friends over on a Saturday night and driving your parents crazy by blasting all the music and going through the steps. Bottom line – do not walk away from all the hardwork you have done this fall. Come in to 2019 prepared and ready to shine in all your classes. Know your dances and be prepared! 
  5. REST -Don’t be shocked I want you to take a break, rest, have fun, go out with friends, watch too much TV, and sleep for three days. As a dancer you go to school all day and go straight to the studio from 4:00-9:30, then come home to homework. You are exhausted. I am tired just typing this. Relax, rest and revive that body you are so hard on. It deserves some rest and  a break. Breathe and let your body take a moment. You will come back rested and ready to rock the classroom.

Everything you do from now until that first class in January will determine what you look like next year. Set yourself up for success! You have the ability to come back rested, strong, healthy and more limber. Be the dancer you envision yourself to be in 2019…..

Happy Holidays…. From one resting dancer to another! 

XXX Kelli

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