10 more minutes please!

With this cold weather I have gotten in the habit of pushing snooze, one, two, three times… This is also due to the fact that I have four children and a very busy job… With my second dance job.

Monday I had to be up and ready! This is true for every day but I  convince myself  that I actually have 10, 20, 3o -more minutes. I broke the routine and did not push the snooze button on my phone. Monday I was ready, not rushed, not stressed. I got the children breakfast and we were all happy and out the door.

And I decided what does that 10 minutes actually do for me in bed. Nothing! I don’t fall back into a deep sleep. I am only mad when my alarm goes off again 10 minutes later! I am not more rested or ready to jump out of bed ten minutes later!image

Although it seems like such a small amount of time, those ten minutes really can change the day in a positive or negative way! So tomorrow when you reach over to hit snooze for ten more minutes. Drag yourself to the shower and be happy you have that ten minutes to be alive, wake up and see the sunshine. Start your day without stress or rushing out the door!


Love Kimage

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